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omg my little brother was using my computer and look at his search history


so embarrassing

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DA:O is taking forevvvvvverrrrrr to install just give me my crappy game already ps3!

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Ok so i’ve just seen this on my timeline on twitter and quite frankly I’m angry. This is in london and the metropolitan police here are known to be racist. With all that’s going on in America right now i thought I’d shed some light on what’s happening here in the UK. While its illegal to bear arms in this country, the systematic racism and discrimination still remains against black people, men in particular. Racial profiling is an epidemic and with social media at the forefront it’s been easier to really see how often this occurs, Please re blog this and spread this on your dashboard! These racist authorities need to be exposed!

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Why do hair dye instructions always say “rinse until water runs clear” when we all know that water will never run clear again.

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I am a soft smooshy mess and yanno what? I’m actually pretty happy with that right now. I feel good, I do Pilates, I’m about 3lbs off of my ideal weight and I’m not fussed how quickly it goes. Yay!

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Dial-Up sound 700% slower

So I thought this was going to be loud and screechy like normal dial-up and then it ended up being the most eerie, unsettling horror music ever. Why is that so fitting…? *Hides*

My phone rang while this was playing and Ifucking screamed

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Suddenly I’m reminded of being a charity telefundraiser. Worst job ever, especially when you fundraise for the rspb. No really, I fucking hate the rspb now because of that job.

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So as much as I dislike Doctor Who at times, I watched the new seasons first episode and really loved Clara’s wardrobe. This is my favourite!

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Go Home Cosplayers.
Cause you will never beat this cosplay.

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Aleksis and Sasha Kaidanovsky, husband and wife pilot team. They hold the record for longest sustained neural handshake, over eighteen hours.”

I’ve heard of them. Perimeter patrol on the Siberian Wall.”

That’s right. Under their watch, it went unbreached for six years.”

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holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit

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Changed my mind, I’m doing it now~

See below the cut for my absolute favourite blogs run by favourite people, in no particular order.

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*high pitched noises* thanks much!

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ok I’m done i s2g

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